Web Application {Developer, Security Researcher}

Hi. My name is Omer. I’m live in Istanbul and I’m interested in Computer Science since 2010. I have been working in the area of Software Development (generally web) and Cyber Security for a long time. I’m a free software partisan and I contribute to the community. You can look at my GitHub account for some support. Github: @om3rcitak

I wrote a book a Turkish cyber security and this book was a best-selling book of cyber security in Turkey. Details: https://omercitak.com/ethical-hacking-offensive-defensive-kitabi/, and I have an academic statement. Details: #170, #171 http://ab.org.tr/ab16/kabul.html.

I have an interview with a lot of locals in foreign lands. For example Redbull: “What is a Hacker?” – https://www.redbull.com/tr-tr/hacker-nedir

I am the core team of Arka Kapi Dergi (TR) and Arka Kapi Magazine (EN). I manage all my systems (web servers, load balancer, database servers, firewall etc.) and software (a few complicated web applications based on Laravel and WordPress).

I am a volunteer teacher in the LKD (Linux Users Foundation). I have provided cyber security and software development trainings to numerous people within LKD.

Since 2015 I have made about ~50 speeches on cyber security and programming at conferences and I still keep on talking. You can access some of my presentations from my SlideShare account. @om3rcitak

I do research on a regular basis and I share the results of my studies with my blog and Twitter account. Twitter: @om3rcitak, my blog: https://omercitak.com/

I developed 2 big strategy game over PHP, C++ and a few small projects. https://om3rcitak.github.io/

I an co-organizer Otomat Creative Coding Hackathon and Laravel Istanbul user group.

I’m write technical blog posts when I find a time on my website. https://omercitak.com/

I love to work by traveling and I have an Instagram account where I share travel photos while I work. @birazdaburadacalisalim

Website    : www.omercitak.com
E-mail       : omer.citak [at] linux.org.tr || mail [at] omercitak.com
Github      : github.com/Om3rCitak
Linkedin   : linkedin.com/in/Om3rCitak
Twitter     : twitter.com/Om3rCitak

I check my email very often. Simply send mail on any topic. I’ll be back to you as soon as possible.